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The FBCom.net Spam Blocker scans all incoming e-mail for viruses and junk e-mail. This innovative service automatically deletes virus-infected messages so they do not cause harm to your computer. Messages recognized as junk e-mail or Spam are sent to a special Quarantine Inbox. Custom approved (whitelist) and blocked (blacklists) lists allow you to specify messages that are automatically delivered or deleted.

Notification Message
Logging In
Quarantine Inbox

Notification Message
You will receive weekly e-mail reports from the FBCom.net Spam Blocker informing you of messages that have been characterized as Spam. You can use these reports to stay informed about the messages being quarantined by the FBCom.net Spam Blocker and adjust your preferences.

NOTE: The notification message provides a convenient way for you to access your quarantine inbox. Simply click the "click here" link (highlighted in red below) at the end of the notification message.

Logging In
There are two ways to login to your FBCom.net Spam Blocker quarantine inbox.

1. In the notification message, click the "click here" link at the end of the message. This method automatically logs you into your quarantine inbox without having to enter your password. This is the recommended login method.

2. Go to www.fbcom.net and click the FBCom.net Spam Blocker link. Enter your e-mail username (the first part of your e-mail address before the "@", do not enter your complete e-mail address) and e-mail password. Click Login.

Quarantine Inbox
Your quarantine inbox contains all messages that the FBCom.net Spam Blocker has stopped from being delivered to your e-mail inbox in your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook Express, Webmail, etc.). Messages are maintained in your quarantine inbox for 45 days or until your inbox reaches a capacity of 10 MB, after which time they will be deleted automatically.

To view a message that has been quarantined, click the message's subject. This will open the message in a new window.

Deliver. To deliver a message to your e-mail inbox, click the Deliver button. This will remove the message from your quarantine inbox.

Whitelist. To add the sender's e-mail address to your whitelist and deliver the message to your e-mail inbox, click the Whitelist button. This will remove the message from your quarantine inbox. With the sender now added to your whitelist, future messages from the sender will bypass the FBCom.net Spam Blocker and be automatically delivered to your e-mail inbox.

Delete. To remove a message from your quarantine inbox, click Delete.


Adding friends and important contacts to your Whitelist ensures those messages will be delivered regardless if they contain spam-like content. If you prefer to not receive messages from specific senders, add them to the Blacklist and they will be immediately deleted. Use this option with caution, messages cannot be recovered.

To add an e-mail address or domain to your allowed or blocked e-mail address list, enter the specific e-mail address or domain and then click Add. You can also add an address to your whitelist by clicking the whitelist link in your quarantine inbox or in the notification message.

To delete an e-mail address, click the "trash can" icon next to the e-mail address or domain.

Quarantine Settings
Notification Interval.
The notification interval is the frequency at which the notification e-mail is generated. FBCom.net recommends you set this at daily. If you do decide to change this interval, select the appropriate button and click Save Changes.

Notification Address. The notification address is the e-mail address the notification e-mail is sent to. If you wish to have the notification messages sent to an address other than your e-mail address, enter the address here and click Save Changes.

Spam Settings

FBCom.net has preset the default Spam Settings to best reflect a modest approach to Spam management. If you prefer to deviate from these default settings, it is useful to understand the way FBCom.net Spam Blocker "scores" each message. All messages are given a spam score which determines whether or not they are automatically deleted, added to your quarantine inbox or delivered as normal to your e-mail inbox. The higher the spam score, the more likely that a message is spam (e.g. A message with a score of 0.5 is most likely not Spam, however a message with a score of 7.0 is likely Spam). To customize the filters, click "No" next to system defaults and click Save Changes. You will now be able to make adjustments to the settings.

Tag Score. FBCom.net recommends you leave this option set at 10 (disabled). When activated, the tag score prepends the word "SPAM" to the subject line of all messages with a spam score at or above this number. After making changes, click Save Changes.

Quarantine Score. FBCom.net recommends you leave this option set at 0.7 . This is the setting that controls whether or not a message is sent to your quarantine inbox or your regular e-mail inbox. If you find that too much Spam is getting through to your e-mail inbox, we suggest you lower this number. If you find that important messages are getting stopped, we recommend that you increase this number. After making changes, click Save Changes.

Block Score. FBCom.net recommends you leave this option set at 3 . The block score is the setting at which a message is automatically deleted (it does not show up in your quarantine inbox AND e-mail inbox). If you would like to limit the number of messages in your quarantine inbox, lower this number. After making changes, click Save Changes. Adjust this setting with caution.

Note: Please ignore the recommended settings listed on the Spam Settings preferences Web page. FBCom.net suggests the recommended settings as noted in red above.

For additional assistance with the FBCom.net Spam Blocker, e-mail techsupport@fbcom.net.


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