Ms. Patricia MH Kalarovich, BS, PT, GCS

Graduated from East Carolina University in 1987 and has been practicing Physical Therapy for the past 19 yrs. Patty has worked in Hospitals--Acute Care, Schools, Nursing Homes, Home Health, and in Pediatric Settings. Recently, Patty obtained the Geriatric Clinical Specialist Certification (by examination) thru the American Board of Physical Therapy. This certification makes Patty one of  9 physical therapist in the state of Iowa to achieve this level of expertise in geriatrics. 

Patty has experience working with:
Balance & Vestibular Re-training
Developmental / Pediatrics
Neuromuscular / Orthopedics
     Myofascial / Soft Tissue Techniques
     Joint Mobilization, Grades I-IV
     Traction--Manual & Intermittent
Customize & Teach Home Programs
Transfer & Gait Training
Orthotics & Prosthetic Training
Cardio-Pulmonary Re-training
     Breathing Techniques--Exercises
     Percussion / Postural Drainage
     Post Surgery or Post MI
Physical Modalities (as listed under Dr. Mark's info)

Other Services Provided by Patty are:
Free Blood Pressure checks and tracking
Equipment & Special Clothing Ordering
Referrals to other Healthcare Providers / Services as needed

Dr. Mark & Patricia Kalarovich

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